Dawn on the golf course and my aim to reduce my handicap from 16 to 14

A new dawn

When I was asked what my handicap goal was for this year, I thought long and hard and replied “Dunno.” Then I thought some more and realised that if I wanted to reduce my handicap, a goal probably was a good idea. And a strategy. And a real commitment to stick to it. And what could motivate me more than the thought of being exposed as the practice-shy golfer that I am? And what could be more exposing than tracking my progress here, for all of my three readers to see?

So this is what I’m going to do: I’m going to talk to Anthony, the pro at Brighton & Hove Golf Club, about a detailed plan for me to follow over the course of the year. My goal: lower my handicap from a fragile 16.4 to a solid 14 by the end of my captaincy, on 4 December 2017. Why 14? Simply because it’s the lower limit to play in Division 2 and my captain will kill me if she can’t pick me. We’re a very small section, you see, and we can’t really afford to lose any players at all.

I will share my plan on this blog, describe the exercises and practices he recommends and even maybe post videos of the ones I found particularly helpful. You’re welcome to join me in this perilous undertaking. Any advice and encouragement is very welcome because for me, practicing normally means half-heartedly hitting a few balls on the range while gazing longingly at my beautiful golf course. Apparently, that’s not the way to do it.



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