I am no fashion expert, but one thing I do know: to play any sport well, you have to feel confident, and to feel confident, it’s helpful to wear appropriate clothing that you actually like. This is why this post is in the “Equipment” category. As far as I’m concerned, trousers, shorts, skirts, shirts and jumpers are part of a golfer’s tools to achieve total course domination.

Colourful polo shirts for women

Look! Bright colours!

Unfortunately, clothing aimed at female golfers isn’t very plentiful and there’s a lot of pink and pale colours. Me? I like strong colours, so I often struggle to find items I really like. Enter the Teamwear line by Green Lamb: dark blue, bright green, brilliant orange and no pink in sight! You can find it on Miss Designer Golf, a website I’ve used several times, so I can vouch for the quality of their service. Their sizing guide is also accurate. Now, the question is: orange or yellow?

(I’m not in any type of partnership with Miss Designer Golf. I just really love orange)