Type of course? Linksy parkland. It’s a new classification I’ve invented.

Pleasant staff? We were there for the ladies’ Open, so we didn’t really interact with the staff. The Captain and Vice-Captain couldn’t have been nicer to us. Everyone was very impressed we came all the way from Brighton. We didn’t realise it was quite so far when we booked it.

Best hole? The 8 par 5 because it really forces you to think very carefully about how on Earth you’re going to find your way to the green without getting into trouble (I got into trouble).

Après golf? Excellent lunch and the Lady Captain went to get me extra strawberries and cream for pudding. Like I said. I loved her.

Nice round? Brilliant. The course was flat and rolled like a dream, but there were so many hazards and the greens were so tricky that you really felt like a golfer. My usual “hit and hope” strategy was no good there.

Special memory? 3rd par 4 because never have I achieved an uglier par. Banana drive into the rough on the right, thin approach shot that ended tittering on the edge of the bunker at the back of the green, duff chip that went 2 inches and a stunning 15 foot putt that ended in the hole. So ugly. But a par!

Must play again? Yes, we might have to brave the M25 again to defend our title next year!