Type of course? Links. Whoever thought the area between beach and land would make an excellent place to try and hit a stone with a stick towards a small hole in the distance was a genius.

Pleasant staff? Super friendly, especially the pro who almost convinced me to pick the sparkly pink ball marker instead of the classy black one. Nice try young lassy, but no.

Best hole? It’s hard to pick a hole out, as they’re all brilliant fun, but the 13th, which ends with a small bowl-like green nestled in the dunes, was particularly beautiful.

Après golf? Ham, egg and chips before our round. Classic.

Nice round? Amazing. The course is in the top 100 in England and it’s easy to see why. Narrow, long fairways like a blanket unceremoniously thrown on the floor. Beautifully shaped greens. Amazing landscape by the North Sea. We had fantastic conditions, with light winds and sunshine followed by spooky thick fog. I shudder to think how much harder the course would be on a cold, windy December day.

Special memory? The joy and relief of seeing my shot on the 18th par 3 clear the phalanx of 6 foot deep bunkers protecting the green, only to realise as we approached that there was a second row of even deeper bunkers straight behind. And yes I was in one of them.

Must play again? YES. It’s in my top three.