Type of course? Parkland

Pleasant staff? Nice friendly pro

Best hole? None stood out

Après golf? This was an after-work practice round for an important match (not for me), so the clubhouse was closed.

Nice round? It was ok. Maybe I should stop reviewing parkland courses because I just don’t like them and I don’t like not liking golf courses. I like slopes that take your ball into inextricable rough where you end up finding 10 balls, but never yours. I also like views and I don’t like trees. I grew up on the edge of the biggest pine tree forest in Europe and frankly, I’ve had enough of trees for a lifetime. This one was just very up, down, along the path, up, down, along the path…

Special memory? This will forever be remembered as the round where Jo got an elephant-sized leg from an insect bite. Impressive stuff, not for the faint-hearted.

Must play again? No and it’ll soon be covered in houses anyway.