Type of course? Undulating parkland

Pleasant staff? Lovely

Best hole? The 10th. It’s 299 yards and all downhill, so it’s very satisfying to see a good drive sail towards the left of the fairway, catch the slope and settle just a short wedge away from the green.

Après golf? It was the women’s Open, so we were treated to a great buffet.

Nice round? Opens are rarely anything but a brilliant day out and I love the “best two scores out of four” format. My excellent long game was sadly let down by a complete ineptitude to read the greens, so I scored badly, but hitting the ball well and hanging out with your buddies always makes for a nice round.  

Special memory? Lining up to take my chip just below the green on the 17th and knowing that I must score because my teammates were all in trouble, thinking “It’s just as well that I’m chipping really well today, we might rescue a couple of points” and duffing my chip into the bank. And they say confidence is everything.

Must play again? Yes. It’s beautifully looked after, the trees are nicely spaced out and the surroundings are beautiful.