Ladybank Golf Club

Ladybank Golf Club

Type of course? Heathland and pine trees

Pleasant staff? We played in the ladies’ Open and everyone was very welcoming

Best hole? Writing this in December, I can’t remember. The photo below is of the 18th hole, and I did love it.

Après golf? A well-deserved beer on the peaceful terrace.

Nice round? My personal best in 2021 (not that it means much). It was recommended by a Southern connoisseur and didn’t disappoint. Fun and so tranquil.

Special memory? Meeting the lovely and very funny Linda, who was put in charge of marking our card as we didn’t have playing partners.

Must play again? I would love to, although that part of the world offers many amazing courses.

Gog Magog Golf Club (Wandlebury)

Gog Magog Golf Club (Wandlebury)

Type of course? Undulating amongst meadows

Pleasant staff? Yes

Best hole? The downhill par 3

Après golf? A decent sandwich on the Covid-safe terrace.

Nice round? Very. A well-looked after course and a fourball of chaps even let us through, so the pace was good.

Special memory? This was the first time we’d gone away for more than one night in Covid-cursed 2021, so playing on a different course, and then spending the weekend in Cambridge swimming the river Cam and having a wonderful time with old friends felt extra special.

Must play again? Yes, it was a fun course.

Foxhills Golf Club

Foxhills Golf Club

Type of course? Parkland

Pleasant staff? Exceptional starters! On the first day, the nice starter let us go in front of a fourball even though we arrived sweaty, flustered and late, and on the second day, it turned out that the starter knew a good friend of ours (it’s a small golf world) and we had a lovely chat.

Best hole? We played both courses (Longcross and Bernard Hunt), although we had to abandon Bernard Hunt after 9 holes because we were soaked to the bone and it just stopped being fun. I’m writing this in December so it was too long ago, but I can’t remember a “special” hole.

Après golf? We spent one night in the hotel. Very nice. If it was good enough for the British Olympic cycling team… we didn’t fancy fine dining, so we had a simple dinner in the relaxed brasserie.

Nice round? Can’t remember. Probably. I just remember a lot of rain, too many trees and being a bit underwhelmed.

Special memory? Sprinting to the 1st tee, throwing my bag on the ground, not taking a practice swing and absolutely smashing the ball down the middle of the fairway.

Must play again? No.

Chestfield Golf Club

Chestfield Golf Club

Type of course? Undulating parkland

Pleasant staff?  Yes

Best hole?  15th par 4, just because I love whacking the ball from an elevated tee.

Après golf? Covid restrictions meant that having a drink wasn’t that attractive.

Nice round?  Nice enough

Special memory? From the elevated viewing platform on the 15th, telling Charlotte to aim right on one of the many blind drives so she’d end up in the trees, only for her to aim left as she mistrusted me and for me to slice my drive into the trees.

Must play again? No. It was just a little bit bland.

Dorset Golf and Country Club

Dorset Golf and Country Club

Type of course? Parkland

Pleasant staff? Everyone was very nice

Best hole? The slight dogleg par 4 over the water, as you have to decide if you’re going to risk going over the water for your second shot. I had a 50% success rate.

Après golf? This was our section’s Autumn break, so we stayed two nights and had breakfast and dinner. It was ok.

Nice round? We played 3 rounds on the 27 holes. It was brilliant to be playing a different course, as we’d all been cooped up at home during the various phases of Covid-19 lockdowns.

Special memory? Just being able to spend time with friends in an almost relaxed atmosphere. The chalets were massive, which allowed for socialising while respecting social distancing rules.

Must play again? I didn’t really like the course. Too flat and too samey.

Stoke Park

Stoke Park

Type of course? Perfect parkland

Pleasant staff? Everyone was very lovely. Free mask when you enter the building!

Best hole? The 16th par 4. It’s just magnificent, with the tee box next to a gorgeous bridge over the lake and views across the stunning surroundings.

Après golf? A lovely dinner with a group of very nice men.

Nice round? The round was given to us by a friend who advertises at Stoke Park. It’s a perk she gets, but she’s not a golfer. We ended up playing with a couple of nice chaps who also know someone who advertises there. The course was great fun.

Special memory? I don’t even remember how I played, it was just such a pleasure hanging out in such a beautiful place.

Must play again? It was a bit odd parking our bashed up little Polo next to Aston Martins and Ferraris. Not really our world, but I’m very glad I got to play it once.