Blairgowrie Golf Club

Blairgowrie Golf Club

Type of course? Scottish gorgeousness

Pleasant staff? Absolutely lovely, all of them and they gave Charlotte courtesy of the course.

Best hole? The 16th because the tee box is behind a wee loch that you have to drive over. It’s just stunningly beautiful.

Après golf? Massive pot of tea and millionnaire shortbread before hand in the very busy clubhouse – the Solheim Cup effect, we were told.

Nice round? Fantastic. I had a good front 9 and I was just 1 over on the back. My finest 9 holes ever.

Special memory? Seeing my very first red squirrel on the 18th. But also having four birdies. That’s four birdies in one round. I’d never had four birdies in one round! Two on par 5s, one on a par 4 and one on a par 3.

Must play again? A solid contestant to be my golf club when I move to Scotland.

King James VI Golf Club

King James VI Golf Club

Type of course? Flat as a pancake river island with trees 

Pleasant staff? As welcoming as can be, as were the two chatty members who were busy painting the women’s changing room.

Best hole? Hard to tell, as we could only play 9 holes, half the course being closed due to flooding.

Après golf? The bar was closed and anyway, we had to start our epic journey back to the car!

Nice round? Lovely, but what made it special was the odyssey you have to embark on to get to the course. Across a road, up steps, across a railway bridge, down a ramp, along a path… great fun.

Special memory? Hitting the flag on the 3rd par 3 and almost finally having my very first hole in one.

Must play again? No. It’s very well looked after and very pleasant, but not very exciting.

Cooden Beach Golf Club

Cooden Beach Golf Club

Type of course? Is it a lush links course? Is it a parkland course with few trees? Is it more of a hybrid? Who knows, who cares.

Pleasant staff? Yes, and also very jovial, friendly male members on the course. Nice to be made to feel so welcome!

Best hole? The par 4 10th signature hole is really very good. There’s water across the fairway and to the left and a raised green protected by two massive bunkers cut into the side of the hill. It just looks really really great and it’s just hard enough to make you pleased to get a 5.

Après golf? Ok sandwiches quickly gobbled up before our round in the lovely clubhouse.

Nice round? Fantastic. This was a practice round for Charlotte’s Div 4 final on Monday, we both played very well, the pace was perfect, the course is just wonderful, there was an airshow overhead, the occasional train and glimpses of the beach beyond.

Special memory? The way we both played the par 5 18th hole. I am one up at that stage and I hit a great drive. Charlotte is 20 yards behind me. She clips the trees on the right of the fairway with her second shot and her ball stops dead. GAME ON, I think. I am 180 yeards away, so do I play it safe with a little hybrid for an easy chip onto the green? Hell no! I get the big girl out and land my ball at the front of the green in two. At that point I’m feeling pretty confident even though the pin is at the back. Charlotte is under pressure. She hits the ball and… her third shot ends up 7 feet from the pin! Thankfully I put my putt two feet away from the pin, but she sinks her putt for birdie! I do the same. A fantastic way to end a great round.

Must play again? I can’t wait to play it again.

Worthing Golf Club (Lower Course)

Worthing Golf Club (Lower Course)

Type of course? Downland

Pleasant staff? Bit grumpy behind the bar!

Best hole? I enjoyed the 10th for its elevated tee and interesting shape, with quite a narrow area to land your ball and an even narrower green. I mean really, I would normally hate that kind of hole where precision is essential, but I parred it, so I guess I’m still surprised and that’s why it stuck to my mind.

Après golf? Nice cup of tea. There were LOADS of cakes on offer, but I resisted.

Nice round? Lovely. It’s a really good course with really difficult greens. It feels very grown-up.

Special memory? Outstaring a beautiful deer.

Must play again? Absolutely.

Slinfold Golf & Country Club

Slinfold Golf & Country Club

Type of course? Parkland

Pleasant staff? Very nice

Best hole? The 10th, purely because you have to tee off over a lake.

Après golf? Nice cup of tea (with a biscuit!) before our round.

Nice round? It was a practice round for Charlotte’s upcoming County semi-final. We’d played a foursomes comp in torrential rain that morning and the weather was gorgeous by the time we teed off at 5:16pm, so yes, great round. Lots of doglegs, which is quite unusual and requires a bit of thinking.

Special memory? Looking back on the 16th to see that the sky had caught fire. Amazing sunset. Also going back to our bags after teeing off on the 10th and seeing that Charlotte’s bag had been vandalised by an unknown criminal (squirrel? crow?) in search of a quick snack.  

Must play again? Hmmmm no. Nice course, very well looked after, but not enough variety for me. Parkland courses just aren’t my favourite.

Lewes Golf Club

Lewes Golf Club

Type of course? Steep downland

Pleasant staff? Nice pro

Best hole? The 7th because you get to drive over the hill and then, as you walk up, a massive wind turbine slowly comes into view. Quite spectacular even though it’s not as close as it appears at first.

Après golf? It was our second 18 holes after playing a medal in the morning, so we threw our clubs back in the car and went home.

Nice round? It was a practice round for Charlotte, who’s playing in the quarter final of Division 4 on Friday. The sun was shining, the views over Lewes were amazing and the South Downs and we both played well. Wonderful.

Special memory? Hitting the ball really really nicely and playing my best golf ever on the front 9, until I reverted to my usual smattering of average/mediocre shots.

Must play again? Even though it’s a fun course in spectacular surroundings, I got a bit annoyed with so many of the greens being at the bottom of a very steep hill. The approach shot is inevitably a “hit and hope” job, as it’s impossible to assess how much run the ball will get depending on where it lands. So, probably not.