Type of course? Parkland

Pleasant staff? Exceptional starters! On the first day, the nice starter let us go in front of a fourball even though we arrived sweaty, flustered and late, and on the second day, it turned out that the starter knew a good friend of ours (it’s a small golf world) and we had a lovely chat.

Best hole? We played both courses (Longcross and Bernard Hunt), although we had to abandon Bernard Hunt after 9 holes because we were soaked to the bone and it just stopped being fun. I’m writing this in December so it was too long ago, but I can’t remember a “special” hole.

Après golf? We spent one night in the hotel. Very nice. If it was good enough for the British Olympic cycling team… we didn’t fancy fine dining, so we had a simple dinner in the relaxed brasserie.

Nice round? Can’t remember. Probably. I just remember a lot of rain, too many trees and being a bit underwhelmed.

Special memory? Sprinting to the 1st tee, throwing my bag on the ground, not taking a practice swing and absolutely smashing the ball down the middle of the fairway.

Must play again? No.