Hankley Common Golf Club

Hankley Common Golf Club

Type of course? Perfect heathland

Pleasant staff? Everyone, from bar staff to to members to Secretary, was as welcoming as it gets

Best hole? The 18th – a strategic hole

Après golf? Very nice lunch avant golf

Nice round? Fantastic. Golf courses don’t get much better than Hankley Common.

Special memory? This was Charlotte’s birthday and our round was the centrepiece of a perfect day. The golf was brilliant fun and I really enjoyed Ed the Secretary tell us all about heathland management now that fires aren’t so commonplace. 

Must play again? ASAP

Woodbridge Golf Club

Woodbridge Golf Club

Type of course? Heathland

Pleasant staff? All very warm and welcoming, from the Secretary to arrange our visit to the pro shop and the bar once we were there.

Best hole? The short par 5 14th. SO tempting to go for the green in two, just because you can, but you just know it would be a terrible mistake, so you don’t because you’ve recently decided to play like a sensible golfer.

Après golf? The cake was sold out! Tragedy! Very nice ham, egg and chips beforehand.

Nice round? Glorious. The course was beautiful, interesting and fun.

Special memory? Walking on the 2nd tee and looking at the beautiful view with the vertical green in the distance. Also, my second eagle putt of the week on the par 5 8th = 2nd par. Also, the devilishly difficult/fun 11th green.

Must play again? Would love to. Very much my kind of course.

Prince’s Golf Club

Prince’s Golf Club

Type of course? Links

Pleasant staff? Pleasant enough

Best hole? The 8th on Himalayas because of the great drive: a massive carry, water right and left and lots of different options depending on how brave you’re feeling.

Après golf? The clubhouse is vast and impersonal, and in the evening we had a nice dinner in a room full of 60 men and us two on our little table.

Nice round? We had two rounds and loved all three 9 holes. So much fun. Proper links.

Special memory? Managing to get twice in the famous Sarazen bunker on hole 9 of Himalayas.

Must play again? Would love to.

Headlam Hall Golf Course

Headlam Hall Golf Course

Type of course? Undulating parkland

Pleasant staff? Yes

Best hole? The par 5 4th. Long, narrow and very tricky.

Après golf? I don’t think we had a drink that time, but we once had a fantastic afternoon tea.

Nice round? We both felt pretty confident we’d do well on this “little 9 hole” course, but it made mince meat of us. Very pretty and deceptively difficult.

Special memory? A funny chat with a solo female player ahead of us, who had just enthusiastically taken up the game and told us that the fourball in front of her were “a right bunch of wankers”. We could neither confirm nor deny.

Must play again? Yes, but mostly for the afternoon tea.

Darlington Golf Club

Darlington Golf Club

Type of course? Parkland

Pleasant staff? Yes

Best hole? None stood out.

Après golf? Nice pint in the down-to-earth clubhouse.

Nice round? Wonderful despite being an average course. We played with Danny and Charlotte had a brilliant round.

Special memory? Chipping in on the 18th for birdie!

Must play again? No.

Downfield Golf Club

Downfield Golf Club

Type of course? Parkland

Pleasant staff? Very lovely, in the pro shop as well as in the clubhouse.

Best hole? I’d like to play the 16th again. I ran out of fairway on the drive and lost my ball, but it’s a nice, tactical hole.

Après golf? There were preparing for an event, so we had to make do with going back to our hotel and buying some haggis crisps and Cava to have by the Tay.

Nice round? Very. It was a fun, lush course. 

Special memory? The total joy of playing golf in sunny Scotland.

Must play again? Probably not.