Chestfield Golf Club

Chestfield Golf Club

Type of course? Undulating parkland

Pleasant staff?  Yes

Best hole?  15th par 4, just because I love whacking the ball from an elevated tee.

Après golf? Covid restrictions meant that having a drink wasn’t that attractive.

Nice round?  Nice enough

Special memory? From the elevated viewing platform on the 15th, telling Charlotte to aim right on one of the many blind drives so she’d end up in the trees, only for her to aim left as she mistrusted me and for me to slice my drive into the trees.

Must play again? No. It was just a little bit bland.

Dorset Golf and Country Club

Dorset Golf and Country Club

Type of course? Parkland

Pleasant staff? Everyone was very nice

Best hole? The slight dogleg par 4 over the water, as you have to decide if you’re going to risk going over the water for your second shot. I had a 50% success rate.

Après golf? This was our section’s Autumn break, so we stayed two nights and had breakfast and dinner. It was ok.

Nice round? We played 3 rounds on the 27 holes. It was brilliant to be playing a different course, as we’d all been cooped up at home during the various phases of Covid-19 lockdowns.

Special memory? Just being able to spend time with friends in an almost relaxed atmosphere. The chalets were massive, which allowed for socialising while respecting social distancing rules.

Must play again? I didn’t really like the course. Too flat and too samey.

Stoke Park

Stoke Park

Type of course? Perfect parkland

Pleasant staff? Everyone was very lovely. Free mask when you enter the building!

Best hole? The 16th par 4. It’s just magnificent, with the tee box next to a gorgeous bridge over the lake and views across the stunning surroundings.

Après golf? A lovely dinner with a group of very nice men.

Nice round? The round was given to us by a friend who advertises at Stoke Park. It’s a perk she gets, but she’s not a golfer. We ended up playing with a couple of nice chaps who also know someone who advertises there. The course was great fun.

Special memory? I don’t even remember how I played, it was just such a pleasure hanging out in such a beautiful place.

Must play again? It was a bit odd parking our bashed up little Polo next to Aston Martins and Ferraris. Not really our world, but I’m very glad I got to play it once.

West Sussex Golf Club

West Sussex Golf Club

Type of course? Heathland

Pleasant staff? Very nice

Best hole? 6th par 3. Oh the frisson of excitement as you decide to take on the lake.

Après golf? Frites kindly donated by another competitor friend as we’d forgotten to order. Delicious.

Nice round? It was a County competition and it poured from beginning to end. It was like the end of times. We were soaked to the bone after two holes. It was great.

Special memory? Seeing the group in front of us and the group behind us quit at the same time.

Must play again? Absolutely. Even in horrendous conditions, it was obvious it’s a fantastic, varied course. Hopefully next year.

Hotchkin course @ Woodhall Spa

Hotchkin course @ Woodhall Spa

Type of course? Difficult big girl heathland course

Pleasant staff? Very nice chatty starter

Best hole? None stood out. They’re all great/horrible.

Après golf? Quick drink outside before our round, and then we just wanted to go as the clubhouse isn’t particularly inviting.

Nice round? It’s a very tough, busy course, so there was a lot of waiting around for the chaps in front to find their balls in the heather and that’s enough to put me off a course.

Special memory? On the 18th par 5, yelling at the group behind us who teed off while we were waiting for the group in front to play their shots and just missing us. And then being yelled at by the group in front, as we didn’t expect my second shot to get on the green while they were still on there.

Must play again? No. The course is great, but it’s just too punishing for 12 handicappers.

Appleby Golf Club

Appleby Golf Club

Type of course? North Pennines moorland

Pleasant staff? Couldn’t have been more welcoming

Best hole? The signature 15th par 3 is simply delightful. You have to hit over a beautiful babbling stream at the bottom of a steep crag to reach a green that you can’t see. Gorgeous.

Après golf? We had to dash, but we would have loved to hang out on the lovely terrace amongst the splendid views of the North Pennines.

Nice round? Astounding. I’d picked this course because I thought we’d have some nice scenery, which didn’t disappoint, but I didn’t know it’d be so much fun to play as well. And so well looked after. And it only cost us £15 each!

Special memory? Picking a sheep to aim for on pretty much every tee shot (no sheep were harmed). Also having to chip through the electric fences that protect every green from the above-mentioned sheep. 

Must play again? I would love to. It’s in my top 3.