Next week I’m off to Scotland to watch the Women’s Open at Kingsbarns Golf Links and of course, I will be taking my clubs to the Home of Golf. Brighton and Hove Golf Club is a member of the Association of James Braid Courses, which has over 300 member clubs of the some 411 courses James Braid either designed originally or altered (of the 411, 39 are defunct and 6 were plans only). James Braid won the Open five times (1901, 1905, 1906, 1908 and 1910) and designed many courses around the UK and even one in the States, the Saint Andrews in New York State.

As a member of Brighton & Hove GC, I get a discount on all the courses that are members of the association, so I had a little look at where I could play while in Saint Andrews:


James Braid courses around Saint AndrewsThe one just above St Andrews is Scotscraig Golf Club and we get 50% off the green fee, so £35 instead of £70. It’s the world’s 13th oldest golf club and a “unique mix of heathland and links”. It sounds like my ideal type of course, so it would be rude not to.

There are two at the bottom of the map: Scoonie Golf Club and Lundin Ladies Golf Club. Lundin Ladies is the oldest women’s club in the Scotland AND it has standing stones on the second fairway. I mean, how could I possibly resist? Also, the green fee is £8 for members of the James Braid Association. It’s a no brainer.

The one furthest up the coast on the map is Arbroath Golf Links. Again, the green fee is £18 with a 50% discount. It looks like a classic Scottish Links course and we can stop at Carnoustie on the way. Honestly, there are so many famous golf courses in that area. I can’t wait. Now, back to work so I can actually pay for all this golfy fun.

Is your golf course a member of the Association of James Braid courses? Check out the map below, created by yours truly on a boring rainy January day. The Braid Course List 2017 includes details on discounts and playing times. Enjoy!