Type of course? Northumbrian clifftops.

Pleasant staff? No pro shop, so the efficient lady behind the bar took our green fees and told us where to find scorecards while cleaning the lines and generally busying herself with running the place.

Best hole? The 16th. You have to drive over a chasm and when you get to your ball, you see that the fairway turns sharply left between two rocky outcrops and there is the green, with the big bulk of Bamburgh Castle in the distance.

Après golf? We had to rush off to beat the incoming tide and make it back to the Very Holy Island of Lindisfarne.

Nice round? Fact: the Northumbrian coast is sublime. Also fact: the Northumbrian weather is often… challenging. Once again we were very lucky, with no wind and just enough of a chill in the air to sport a fetching tank top. The golf was fantastic fun (we scored 38 and 36 points with 3 birdies between us), but what made this round extra special was the surroundings: the sea, the cliffs and the looming presence of the impressive Bamburgh Castle in the distance.

Special memory? Standing on the green of the 14th with a 360 degree view of the coast and the countryside. Gorgeous.

Must play again? Definitely. What a great course. Also in my top 3. No two holes are the same: flat, uphill, downhill, ravines, elevated tees, doglegs, intimidating par 3s, it has it all. And the clubhouse is cozy and lovely.