Type of course? Parkland

Pleasant staff? Yes

Best hole? None stood out

Après golf? Mediocre nachos for me, mediocre egg and salmon sandwich for Charlotte

Nice round? We were both very disappointed by the course. At £47 a round (even though we only played £26 thanks to the James Braid discount), we had high expectations. However, it was just a bit… meh. Completely unremarkable. And very noisy on the front 9 with the Asomething running alongside it.

Special memory? You know when the fourball ahead decides to let you through because they’re looking for a ball and there are only two of you, but then you completely fluff your shot and end up holding them up? Also, they’re four men, you’re two women, and you feel like you’re letting the sisterhood down by messing up in front of them? We didn’t do that. We both put our balls on the green from 170 yards and parred the hole. Very satisfying.

Must play again? No.