Type of course? The Old Course is all heather, slopes and forest (unsurprisingly).

Pleasant staff? Lovely pro.

Best hole? The 249 yard par 3. Elevated tee, big space, heather left and right and the green in the distance. Boom.

Après golf? Coffee and flapjack avant golf in one of the two bars of the old-fashioned, not extremely welcoming club house. There are repairs being done to the balcony, so the women’s changing room is down a staircase via a secret door at the back of a small dark room. It’s best to ask for directions if you’re a woman and you urgently need the toilet.

Nice round? Wonderful. The sun was shining, the course looked beautiful and we had it all to ourselves, as there was a European Tour event in the morning, which must have put the members off playing.

Special memory? Realising that the cute little par 3 course that I was looking at from the 13th tee wasn’t part of the course, but was in the large back garden of one of the many rich people’s houses that you see while playing.

Must play again? I would love to. It’s a gorgeous, difficult, varied course and I feel like I could have played it a lot better. I’ll just bypass the stuffy clubhouse next time.