Type of course? Steep downland

Pleasant staff? Nice pro

Best hole? The 7th because you get to drive over the hill and then, as you walk up, a massive wind turbine slowly comes into view. Quite spectacular even though it’s not as close as it appears at first.

Après golf? It was our second 18 holes after playing a medal in the morning, so we threw our clubs back in the car and went home.

Nice round? It was a practice round for Charlotte, who’s playing in the quarter final of Division 4 on Friday. The sun was shining, the views over Lewes were amazing and the South Downs and we both played well. Wonderful.

Special memory? Hitting the ball really really nicely and playing my best golf ever on the front 9, until I reverted to my usual smattering of average/mediocre shots.

Must play again? Even though it’s a fun course in spectacular surroundings, I got a bit annoyed with so many of the greens being at the bottom of a very steep hill. The approach shot is inevitably a “hit and hope” job, as it’s impossible to assess how much run the ball will get depending on where it lands. So, probably not.