Type of course? Parkland

Pleasant staff? Very nice

Best hole? The 10th, purely because you have to tee off over a lake.

Après golf? Nice cup of tea (with a biscuit!) before our round.

Nice round? It was a practice round for Charlotte’s upcoming County semi-final. We’d played a foursomes comp in torrential rain that morning and the weather was gorgeous by the time we teed off at 5:16pm, so yes, great round. Lots of doglegs, which is quite unusual and requires a bit of thinking.

Special memory? Looking back on the 16th to see that the sky had caught fire. Amazing sunset. Also going back to our bags after teeing off on the 10th and seeing that Charlotte’s bag had been vandalised by an unknown criminal (squirrel? crow?) in search of a quick snack.  

Must play again? Hmmmm no. Nice course, very well looked after, but not enough variety for me. Parkland courses just aren’t my favourite.