Sedbergh Golf Club

Sedbergh Golf Club

Type of course? Gentle downland

Pleasant staff? We didn’t see any! We’d booked online and there were scorecards hanging on pegs on a clothesline.

Best hole? I loved the 8th because it’s a downhill drive and from the tee you have amazing 360 degree views of this part of the magnificent Yorkshire Dales.

Après golf? No staff, no food, so we went to a pub in Sedbergh.

Nice round? Really lovely. You get to play a shot over a lovely little river and you get great views of a spectacular disused viaduct. And the views are glorious on every hole.

Special memory? Getting horrendously confused as to where we should go, as this is a 10 hole course. Still not sure how it works as we only played 9 (10?) holes.

Must play again? Yes. It’s really quirky, lush and fun. The small clubhouse is gorgeous and it would have been lovely to have a drink and something to eat outside. And I’d like to find out whether there are any women’s toilets.

Brancepeth Castle Golf Club

Brancepeth Castle Golf Club

Type of course? Parkland and ravine

Pleasant staff? Very welcoming

Best hole? It has to be the 9th par 3 into the narrow ravine at the bottom of the castle. Gorgeous. Obviously I missed the green but escaped with a 4.

Après golf? Avant was a delicious wrap and coffee and après was a lovely millionnaire shortbread and tea under the trees. Such a gorgeous setting.

Nice round? Fantastic. We both played well, the course is, as they say, a fair challenge and the setting is beautiful.

Special memory? It’s a sad memory. We were squeezed between two very slow men and two very fast juniors playing a County match (Durham got trounced by Cumbria, apparently), so I couldn’t take the time to truly appreciate the magnificence of Brancepeth Castle.

Must play again? I would love to. The spectacular ravine comes into play a few times (more for men than women) and the course is great fun.

Crowborough Beacon Golf Club

Crowborough Beacon Golf Club

Type of course? Downland. Very handsome, rugged and a bit intimidating at first, but kind and caring when you get to know it. The Indiana Jones of golf courses.

Pleasant staff? Yes.

Best hole? The 6th par 3 (see below). From the tee all you can see is a chasm, a fence, trees, slopes and a tiny green.

Après golf? Avant golf was sandwiches and a nice chat with last year’s Lady Captain’s husband.

Nice round? Miserable because I still have the shanks. Also it was so hot that I had several near-death experiences and I think I hallucinated one of my friends putting a wet towel on my head.

Special memory? Parring the 6th! I parred the 6th! And it wasn’t even a fluke!

Must play again? Yes of course, it’s one of my favourite courses ever and their Ladies’ Open is the best. They have some amazing bakers in the Crowborough Beacon’s Ladies section.