Cheese is part of my strategy to consolidate my swing

Check out this Corsican beauty

Anthony warned me that my proficiency at different parts of the game would switch around as we go through our plan, and he wasn’t wrong. Now that I’m getting used to my new swing, my long game is back on top. I tell you, it feels like coming home after being stranded in a country with no cheese and no wine. This is what my game looks like at the moment (this is how it was two months ago):

  1. Mental
  2. Driving
  3. Fairway
  4. Chipping
  5. Short irons
  6. Long irons
  7. Putting
  8. Bunkers

Two months after starting my challenge, I’m doing quite well, playing to my handicap or slightly under. This is encouraging, as the wintery conditions remain challenging and I’m still adapting to a new technique. Wednesday wasn’t a qualifier after all. We only played 13 holes due to foul weather coming in and I scored 25 points with a blob due a nasty bunker. My progress gives me hope that I can start improving my handicap in the not-so-distant future. To this end, the next big competition is the Spring medal on 29 March, which gives me plenty of time to consolidate my swing and do something about my intense dislike of bunkers. Or it gives me plenty of time to forget how to play again. Who knows?

In Portugal and keen to consolidate what I've learnt so far

Geared up and raring to go



Either way, I’m in Portugal for a week of golfing (obvs). Anthony and I played four holes yesterday and he’s pleased with my progress. All he wants right now is for me to carry on focusing on my stance, my take away and the flow of my swing. When I come back, we can start working on the items at the bottom of my list: bunkers and putting. So that’s my plan: in between eating bacalhau, terrincho cheese and natas and drinking Douro wines, I’ll be doing my best to consolidate my new, improved swing.





Basically, my aim is to look like Mel Reid. Is it really too much to ask?